Looking to take a break from life in the city? We’ve been serving Montenegro for many years as your local travel agents! Travel agency Adria Line looks forward to matching you with the perfect vacation, whether it’s just for your group, or the whole company, agency or school!

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Have you always wanted to travel with a group of people who share a common interest? Whether you travel with friends, family, a club, or an association, we make it easy to travel as a group. Our dedicated team of group travel specialists will lead you through the simple process of developing!

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Regardless of your level of travel experience, Travel agency Adria Line has the expertise and tools you need to make your group’s next trip a success. We make your life easy!

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With so many options out there, it’s difficult to choose the perfect location. Even when you do, there’s that mess to sort through of potential hotels, excursions, and transportation.

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Our mission is to enhance lives and promote culture by creating customized travel experiences that open Montenegro to our clients. We have a tradition of exemplary service, we are governed by integrity, and we value innovation.

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Montenegro is a small country located in southeastern Europe on the Adriatic coast and is known for its rich history, culture, fine cuisine and beautiful nature.

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Travel Agency Adria Line can offer you a good quality hotel accommodation, tailor made individual and group travels, excursions and shore excursions from cruise ships, destination sightseeing with competent tour guides, transfers…

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From rustic lodges in National Parks, to grand resorts along a sun drenched coast, to trendy hotels in cosmopolitan cities – we have created a diverse portfolio of hotel products from the south to the north, from tourist to deluxe, there is a category for every budget and every taste.

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We are proud of our excellent reputation in the marketplace. Long cultivated hotel relationships combined with strong buying power enable us to offer competitive rates and provide extensive inventory.

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We are your go-to company for VIP inquiries and special requests and we will gladly arrange customized itineraries from beginning to end ensuring your client a one of a kind experience they won’t find in a brochure.