Ada Bojana – Nature’s store of treasures and Nudist paradise

Away from noisy streets and the flurry of the city, surrounded by pure beauty, adorned with Mediterranean plants, Ada Bojana is a place with which visitors usually fall in love at first sight.

Ada Bojana - Nature's store of treasures

Ada Bojana is the most southern point of the Adriatic coast 15 km from Ulcinj and the closest to the Montenegro-Albania border. It is a magnet for true nature lovers.

Ada Bojana with Bojana river

The name Ada means river island in Montenegrin. The island Ada has the shape of a triangle and is bathed from two sides by the Bojana river with fresh river water and by the Adriatic sea with warm salty sea water from the third side.

Ada Bojana River Island

The legend says that this island appeared on the place where the ship «Merito» had a shipwreck. The ship sank not far from the seashore and remained underwater for a long period of time, during which the people tried to figure out how to lift it up to the surface. It remained «captured» in the water so long that the sand slowly covered it and eventually an island was formed. How?

Ada Bojana with Albania in the background

The rapid flow of water with sand and silt, colliding with the hull of a sunken sailboat, created an obstacle to the usual movement of the river and in this place it was divided into two branches. As a result, an unusual triangular island was formed. Now the river bed of Bojana and its left arm divide Montenegro with Albania.

Ada Bojana triangular shape

The island connects the mainland with a bridge, that seems to divide two worlds – normal and free world. In 1973 a nudist village called Ada Bojana was founded on a separate part of the island and from then on it has become a favorite place for those who enjoy such holiday.

Montenegro FKK Ada Bojana

Tourists can stay in a camping, bungalows and also in wooden houses along the river bank.

Montenegro Ada Bojana Settlement

If you ever dream about having a holiday in the costumes of Adam and Eva, Ada Bojana is definitely the right choice.

Nudist settlement Ada Bojana

Ada Bojana is well known for its sandy beach, stretched on a distance of 3,8 km². The sea is very shallow, so it is a great beach for children or those who like to lie down in the waves close to the shore. The beach can hold up to 13 000 people.

Ada Bojana Beach

Light, carrying a pleasant coolness, the breeze sweeps the long, attractive sea beach from the gentle fine sand that flows smoothly into the azure waters of the warm Adriatic Sea in Montenegro.

Montenegro beaches - Ada Bojana

This centuries-old quartz sand on Ada Bojana as well as on Ulcinj’s Great Beach (Velika plaza) with soft radioactive background, obtained from shell rock and corals, as well as local healing mud, thanks to biologically active substances, have amazing properties of infertility treatment, help in healing joints and the entire musculoskeletal system.

Ada Bojana Montenegro - entrance to the nudist beach

Ada Bojana is famous for its sunsets, when the dance of colors starts to create a unique picture of sea, sand and sky.

Ada Bojana Montenegro - Sunset

Of course, due to its calm water, and long seaside Ada Bojana is a great place for wind surfing, sailing, water skiing. The unblemished sand extends is long and beautiful, smack blast amidst warm sun, with completely clear waters ideal for snorkeling.

kitesurf ada bojana

You can always enjoy a horseriding if you like it. There is a school of horse-riding opened on Ada Bojana from 1975.

Ada Bojana Horse Riding

You will here find numerous fish restaurants with fresh fish from the River Bojana, which get the fish caught and then prepare it in traditional way.

Ada Bojana - Restaurant on the beach

Just imagine: the entire island encircled by white sandy beaches, a cool drink by the seaside, restaurants on Bojana river famous for river fish and a variety of Montenegrin cuisine…

Ada Bojana Restaurant

Clean sand, blue sea and epic view of sunrise and sunset on Ada Bojana beach makes it a ultimate destination. With its intact nature, it is one of the most accurate examples of the wild Montenegrin beauty.

Ada Bojana Beach