Zabljak stands as a city perched on the highest altitude within the Balkan region, situated at 1456 meters above sea level. Nestled in the heart of the vast mountain of Durmitor and at the center of Durmitor National Park, it is renowned for its exceptional position making it a prime destination for winter tourism.

Hotel Durmitor Zabljak

Notwithstanding its wintertime appeal, Zabljak equally serves as a favored summer holiday retreat for numerous tourists seeking solace amidst nature.

Zabljak for nature lovers

Zabljak is also city with historical significance and rich heritage. Initially known as “Varezina water”, the area was renowned for its abundant sources of fresh drinking water, which led to the formation of surrounding villages.

Celine Cascade - Durmitor NP

The name later evolved during the Ottoman period when it became associated with inns, locally referred to as “Hanovi” or “Anovi”, which provided shelter to travelers and their caravans.

Zabljak - National park Durmitor

The city’s current name, Zabljak, is steeped in local legend inspired by the chorus of frogs inhabiting the Otoka area whose croaking heralds the onset of spring each year.

Zabljak road to Black Lake

This moniker was officially adopted in 1870 when Zabljak integrated into the Principality of Montenegro, an era marked by significant development including the construction of key landmarks such as the Church of Transfiguration, a new school, and a captain’s house all pivotal components in shaping Zabljak’s identity.

Zabljak Street

Zabljak was built and built and became epicenter for winter sports within Montenegro. The town has evolved to become economically focused on tourism coupled with the production of healthy food offerings.

Zabljak in the winter

Visitors have the opportunity to indulge in local culinary delights including cream cheese, tsicvara (a traditional cornmeal dish), succulent lamb and potatoes, and sour sheep’s milk amongst other regional specialties.

Zabljak gastronomy

The town boasts well-developed infrastructure to support its economic activities and cater to tourists’ needs.

Street in Zabljak

Amenities include a health center, bus station, post office, banks and ATMs, essential shopping facilities such as a supermarket and bakery, internet cafes…

Zabljak main crossroads

Hospitality options range from multiple hotels providing comfortable accommodation to various restaurants and cafes where guests can enjoy local cuisine.

Restaurant Dvoriste Zabljak

Souvenir shops and stalls with local products such as honey, brandy, teas, woolen items offer opportunities for retail therapy while ski and bike rental outlets provide necessary gear for visitors looking to partake in outdoor sporting activities during their stay at Zabljak.

Stalls with local product Zabljak

As part of Durmitor National Park, Zabljak has gained popularity as one of Southern Europe’s most frequented destinations. Each year witnesses a growing influx of international visitors drawn to its untamed natural beauty and invigorating mountain air.

Durmitor National Park

The city offers breathtaking landscapes alongside traditional culinary delights and beverages. With a plethora of attractions to explore, it caters to those who cherish wild natural environments and authentic experiences.

Zabljak - View from Momcilov Grad restaurant

Mount Durmitor is celebrated for its majestic and dramatic landscape, which has been described as “the most beautiful severe scenery„ renowned as a natural masterpiece of chaotic relief with its awe-inspiring landscape, the mountain’s allure is both bewildering and magnetic.

Mount Durmitor hiking from Zabljak

This historic site serves as the legendary backdrop for Duke Momcilo and his horse Jabucilo alongside tales of other mountain heroes such as Marko Kraljevic, with narratives filled with fairies, dragons, and devils.

Durmitor Horses Zabljak

Located within the Zabljak municipality – an area renowned for its splendid natural environment Mount Durmitor encompasses over 15,000 hectares of lush forests.

Black Lake Zabljak NP Durmitor

The region is predominantly covered by towering black pine trees which reach heights of up to 50 meters and have witnessed more than four centuries pass beneath their boughs.

Black Pine Zabljak

Durmitor is a remarkable region notable for its rich biodiversity, including 37 endemic plant species. Among these, six species are unique to the area, contributing to Durmitor’s exceptional ecological value.

Zabljak - NP Durmitor

Visitors seeking natural remedies will find a variety of herbs such as meadowsweet, blueberry, heath speedwell, plantains, breckland thyme, bearberry and more. These flora have been recognized for their beneficial properties in treating various diseases and allergies.

Zabljak forest fruit

The landscape of Durmitor is further enhanced by its enchanting glacial lakes, 18 in total, each one offering a distinct experience under the alpine sun. The interplay of light and water at these lakes creates mesmerizing reflections off their surfaces towards the sky – a visual feast for nature lovers and photographers alike.

The landscape of Durmitor Skrcko Lake

Crno Jezero (Black Lake), stands out as the largest and most frequented lake in the region is conveniently accessible via a short walk or drive from Zabljak town center, making it a must-visit destination for those exploring Durmitor’s landscapes.

Zabljak town center

Black Lake is a captivating natural attraction, featuring water like a mirror on the floor of nature’s ground framed by the impressive rocky peaks of the Durmitor mountain on one side and lush forests on the other. An accessible path meanders along the shoreline, offering panoramic views for visitors to enjoy from every angle.

Black Lake Path

Zabljak, right at the heart of Durmitor mountain serves as a hub for year-round activities suitable for adventure enthusiasts and families alike.

Zabljak city center

The region is particularly renowned among nature enthusiasts and hikers, featuring over 2000 km of well-marked hiking trails across the Durmitor massif.

Hiking Trails Durmitor

With 48 summits surpassing 2000 meters in altitude and five breathtaking canyons, including Europe’s deepest and most stunning canyon formed by the Tara River. This diverse landscape attracts countless nature aficionados seeking both leisurely hikes and challenging treks.

Tara River Canyon

Durmitor offers a dynamic and challenging adventure for outdoor enthusiasts and adrenaline seekers. The area is crisscrossed with marked paths leading to various peaks, each featuring unique shapes, ranging from deep bays and bare cliffs to rugged slopes, providing mountaineers with exceptional challenges.

Sedlo Pass Durmitor

Mountaineers will find exceptional challenges within the terrain of Durmitor, where some ascents may require the use of pegs and ropes for those seeking additional thrill like Via Ferrata located on the rock of Uvita Greda, which is a walk 10 minutes away from Sedlo.

Via Ferrata Durmitor

In the summer months, Durmitor becomes a hub of activity where visitors can indulge in horseback riding or enjoy rowing on serene lakes nestled within the landscape.

Black Lake Durmitor

For speleology aficionados, Durmitor is enriched with numerous pits and caves waiting to be explored.

Ice Cave Durmitor

One highlight is the exhilarating rafting experience offered by the nearby Tara River, widely recognized among extreme watersport enthusiasts. Moreover, Nevidio canyon presents canyoning adventures suited particularly to those drawn towards extreme watersports.

Tara river rafting

For cyclists looking for high-adrenaline endeavors, Durmitor’s steep roads provide perfect conditions for extreme cycling, a splendid way to explore its stunning natural landscapes on two wheels.

Durmitor bicycle paths

With its unique plant life and picturesque lakes set amidst mountainous terrain, Durmitor invites visitors to explore its natural wonders and experience serenity within its serene landscapes.

Durmitor lakes

Zabljak is also a versatile ski resort offering a variety of slopes for different skill levels, including three blue slopes for beginners, one red slope for intermediate skiers, and a challenging black slope designed for advanced participants. The resort caters to families with young children by providing a gentle baby slope.

Zabljak ski resort

The resort features the two-seater cable car Savin kuk I which spans 1,550 meters in length and ascends to the peak of Savin kuk at 1,907 meters above sea level. This lift grants access to 3.8 kilometers of picturesque ski runs comprised of blue and red slopes along with a dedicated children’s trail.

The resort features the two-seater cable car “Savin kuk I„ which spans 1,550 meters in length and ascends to the peak of Savin kuk at 1,907 meters above sea level. This lift grants access to 3.8 kilometers of picturesque ski runs comprised of blue and red slopes along with a dedicated children’s trail.

For those seeking higher elevations, more demanding terrain and more thrill, the Savin kuk II upper two-seater cable car stretches over 700 meters in length and reaches up to 2,213 meters above sea level. It’s primarily targeted towards experienced skiers thanks to its proximity to the black run which extends for about 800 meters.

Savin Kuk ski resort

Beyond its winter appeal, it also serves as a tourist attraction during summer months.

Zabljak - Two-seater cable car

Beyond skiing facilities, Ski center Zabljak hosts on-site dining establishments including restaurants and a coffee bar where guests can unwind amidst delightful surroundings while savoring regional cuisine and beverages.

Restaurant Momcilov Grad Zabljak

The cable cars operate year-round making them popular attractions not only during winter sports season but also throughout summer months.

The cable car Zabljak

Zabljak is a serene getaway destination renowned for its pristine environment. Guests seeking tranquility and natural beauty will find themselves enveloped in the silence of dense forests, breathing clean air and having access to crystal-clear mountain water sources.

Zabljak Durmitor National Park

It boasts comfortable accommodation options designed to provide guests with all the essential amenities for a restful stay amidst the tranquility of dense fir forests.

Hotel Zabljak

Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, Zabljak caters to a range of activities. Whether you get your walking through the woods, more demanding hiking, zip line adventure, rafting, or just you enjoy next to around beside glassy mountain lakes, if you like the outdoors you’ll definitely love Zabljak and Durmitor National Park.

Durmitor trekking

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