The Montenegrin cuisine is specific for every region, reflecting the country’s geography, history, and culture. A single type of Montenegrin cuisine does not exist, because each region in Montenegro has its own, unique cuisine.

The Montenegrin cuisine

The northern and southern areas of the Adriatic are characterized by differences in taste and preparation of more Mediterranean foods. The tradition of grilling and roasting fish and delicacies of the sea has been carried down by generations.

Mediterranean foods

In the north of Montenegro however, different culinary influences are more evident. The ecological water, food and air represent a product of virgin nature. Healthy food represents a very important item in times of great pollution, both in food as well as in water and air. Not to be forgotten is the wine, known for its special taste of the warm south. The choices among the specialties are endless!

Meat under the bell

In Montenegro, breakfast is never to be skipped; lunch is the main meal, and dinner the most ceremonious. If you know where somebody lives in Montenegro, you can guess what they eat. The cuisine succumbs to the relief of the land and takes what nature has to offer.

Dinning table in Montenegro

The culinary art of Montenegro combines in the best possible way the gifts of the Mediterranean and the treasures of the mountains from the north. It is faithful to tradition, and yet remains open to experimentation.

Restaurants in Montenegro

You will find the basic European cuisine in the local restaurants, and a few of the things that one must try are: lamb or kid meat cooked under the bell, Piva cream, fish soup and boiled fish, baked carp and smoked bleak.

Fish Soup

Afterwards, a good wine like a Vranac or Krstac fit perfectly, sirnica, peach or water melon are there to sweeten your tooth, ”Niksicko„ beer is great for afternoon relaxation and, in the early evening, grape brandy is there to invigorate you, along with prosciutto, goat cheese and tomato and dandelion leaves.

Montenegro - Wine and Dine

We will divide the Montenegrin national cuisine into: the coastal and mountain-continental.

Montenegrin appetizer