Sveti Andrija Hiking Tour

Sveti Andrija is a fortress superbly placed high above Perast, at an elevation of 743 m above the sea level, located on the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro, above Risan and enchanting baroque town of Perast.

view from the Sveti Andrija fortress

This historic monument offers breathtaking views of the enchanting Bay of Kotor and is a popular destination for hikers who want to follow the winding serpentine stone path that meanders through the beech forest.

view from the Sveti Andrija fortress

We begin our hike from the old town Perast famous for its maritime history and situated at one of strategically most important points in the Bay.

Perast Montenegro

A serpentine road leads to the Vranovo brdo hilltop through small forests, past old military posts and around remains of villages offering impressive views of Boka Bay, islands of Our Lady of the rocks and St. George.

Perast&St.George Island

The path to the fortress at the top, was built during the Austro-Hungarian rule in Boka Kotorska, was originally designed for horses, winds through the beautiful beech forest where the only sounds you hear are the chirping birds and buzzing insects.

The path to the fortress St. Andrija

The path is alternately rocky and grassy and some parts of the old pathway are narrow with exposed edges. The views are far reaching and get more and more incredible as the path ascends.

Path to the St. Andrija Fortress

At the height of about 400 m above sea level the road passes by the abandoned and almost disappearing village of Glogovac with the remains of St. John’s church.

Sveti Andrija Hiking

As you approach the top, the path opens up to a panoramic view of the bay where the fortress majestically overlooks. At the hilltop the fortress of Vranovo brdo stands, also called by local people the fortress of Sveti Andrija, built from 1882 to 1884.

Vranovo Brdo, St. Andrija Fortress

The fortress ruins are also fascinating and have the original stone inscriptions in German.

St. Andrew Fortress

The view from the Sveti Andrija fortress is breathtaking and includes the enchanting view of the Kotor part of Bay, Mount Vrmac, and the Verige Strait.

View from Sveti Andrija Fortress

After a break on Sveti Andrija’s Fortress, we start to descent down to Donji Orahovac situated on the coast, passing through the abandoned villages of Gornji Orahovac: Stepen, Jezevici and Velje selo.


Hiking tour to Sveti Andrija Fortress is a moderate to hard hike for people of all ages, including families with teenage children, can be done usually throughout the year in good weather conditions. The hike takes approximately 5-6 hours, with regular stops for photographs & breaks. In hot weather there is little shade on most of the route and therefore we recommend an early morning start.

Hiking tour to St. Andrija Fortress

This hiking is a truly unique experience with stunning views along the Montenegro Coastal with lots of viewpoints, official and unofficial.

This is definitely one hiking tour that you will want to record with lots of photographs.

Tour summary:

The start of the trail: Perast, Bay of Kotor

Final destination: Vranovo brdo – Sveti Andrija’s Fortress 743 meters above sea level – Orahovac

Trail difficulty: Moderate to hard

Track length: 11.39 km

Tour duration: 6 h

Physical fitness: High

The most favorable period of the year for hiking: throughout the year in good weather conditions

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Bay of Kotor Map

Hiking to St. Andrew map