Rumija Hiking Tour

Rumija hiking tour – A mountain between the Adriatic Sea and the Skadar Lake

Rumija hiking tour

Rumija Mountain is the southernmost 1.594 m high peak in Montenegro, marking the highest point of the massif bearing its name. This significant geographical feature serves as a natural divider between the Adriatic Sea and Skadar Lake, the largest lake in Southern Europe.

Rumija Mountain

The summit of Mt Rumija offers unobstructed panoramic views of Bar and its surroundings, including vistas over the open sea and up to Lisinj – the southern ridge of Rumija, stretching towards Bojana river – natural border between Montenegro and Albania.

Bar from Rumija Mountain

From its top, onlookers can enjoy sweeping landscapes encompassing Prokletije, Skadar Lake, the city of Skadar in Albania, Kucke Mountains, Komovi Mountains, Durmitor National Park’s high peaks, Orjen Range and Lovcen.

Skadar Lake from Rumija Mountain

Beyond its impressive stature as a vantage point offering extensive views across a wide swath of Montenegro and beyond into Albania, Mt Rumija holds deep religious importance.

Russian Church Rumija Mountain

Historically entwined with local folklore and spiritual practices within Montenegrin culture it stands not only as a monumental landform but also as a testament to cultural heritage.

Saint Vladimir's Cross

This celebrated mountain is renowned for its traditional procession on Trinity Day (fiftieth day after Easter), where individuals from all three faiths unite to carry Vladimir’s Cross to the summit. The climb to Rumija is not only a spiritual journey but also a highly recommended hiking excursion.

Rumija Mountain - Traditional procession on Trinity Day

The adventure begins from Bar, traversing through the rustic villages of Velembusi and Baltina along a 9.4 km route with asphalt roads leading up to Baltina and then macadam.

Bar from hiking trail

Upon reaching Dobri do, hikers find themselves on a plateau positioned at 964 meters above sea level, just below the mountain’s highest peak.

Dobri do Rumija

Here lies the monastery of Saint Sergej Radonjeski the Wonderworker – a Russian church welcoming visitors seeking solace or curious exploration.

Russian church Saint Sergej Radonjeski Wonderworker Rumija

A clearly marked stone-grass path beckons from the road a few hundred meters before Russian church, guiding hikers through scenic landscapes towards breathtaking vistas atop Rumija Mountain, truly a must-do for any hiking enthusiast.

Marked stone-grass path Rumija Mountain

The hiking trail on Rumija Mountain offers adventurers a moderately challenging ascent through diverse landscapes.

The hiking trail on Rumija Mountain

The ascent to the peak of Rumija Mountain features a path with a gentle incline at the outset, winding through a sparse forest.

Rumija Mountain Sparse Forest

Beyond the treeline, hikers are rewarded with picturesque views encompassing Lisinj, Dobri do, and Bar.


The trail then leads towards a mountain pass where it becomes noticeably steeper and more challenging as it swiftly gains elevation.

Rumija hiking trail

This section offers expansive vistas of the Adriatic Sea, Port Bar, Lisinje village, Veliki Mikulici settlement and Dobri do while the peak of Rumija remaining on the left.

View from Rumija Mountain

Upon exiting the pass, hikers encounter a small, tame valley (meadow) which signals the approach to the final leg of their journey a considerably steeper and more demanding ascent.

Small Valley at Rumija Mountain

This last stretch is known for its steep slopes characterized by rocky and rough terrain.

Rocky terrain of Rumija Mountain

The last stretch is notably demanding but short-lived, it spans just several hundred meters to reach the apex of Rumija Mountain.

Rumija Mountain Montenegro

At the top awaits not only personal triumph but also sights worth every step taken – a unique tin church stands amidst nature’s grandeur at approximately 150 meters above sea level from your last major waypoint.

Unique tin church at the top of Rumija

Rumija Mountain stands as a magnificent natural landmark offering visitors a unique blend of spiritual and visual experiences.

Skadar Lake from Rumija

At its summit, the expansive area provides a sense of safety and space, marked by the presence of a small concrete pyramid equipped with a registration box for climbers to document their ascent.

Rumija summit

Dominating the mountain’s apex is a charming white tin church featuring a distinctive red roof, imbuing the mountaintop with tranquility.

Rumija Peak - Charming white tin church

Visitors ascending Rumija will be captivated by the spectacular panorama afforded from its peak.

Peak of Rumija Mountain

The vista offers unrivaled 360-degree views encompassing the majestic mountain peaks in every direction, stunning perspectives over Bar and its vicinity, sweeping sights of Skadar Lake along with its vibrant basin as well as breathtaking scenes stretching out to the open waters of the Adriatic Sea.

City of Bar from Rumija Mountain

Additionally, Rumija presents vantage point from which you can be admired: from Lisinje to Veliki Mikulici, Sutorman to Tudjemil.

View from Rumija

Each angle reveals different facets of Rumija’s grandeur against diverse backdrops, whether urban settlements or undisturbed natural landscapes, providing onlookers with rich imagery and unforgettable impressions.

Skadar Lake coastline from Rumija Mountain

Tour summary:

The start of the trail: Dobri do 1.040 meters above sea level

Final destination: Rumija peak 1.594 meters above sea level

Altitude difference: 554 m

Trail difficulty: Medium II

Track length: 2,2 km

Time required for the ascent: 2 h

Physical fitness: Medium

The most favorable period of the year for climbing: Summer and autumn

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Rumija map

Rumija Hiking Map