There are so many things to do in Montenegro on your holiday, you’ll never have a dull moment. That’s one of the things that makes Montenegro such a great place for a vacation.

Rocky beach

Whether you’re into sun-worshipping, extreme sports, history, food and wine, nightlife or just want a great family getaway… Montenegro has something for everyone.

day of Cadmus - Budva

Located in the heart of the Adriatic coast, Budva is a metropolis of Montenegrin tourism, a town of nightlife and beautiful sandy beaches.

Mogren Beach - Budva

The center of Old town and its walls radiate venetian spirit and are a famous cultural heritage. This ambience is a reason why Budva is known as the queen of festivals, theatres and luxury hotels.

Carneval in Budva

Summer entertainment is one of the best in Europe. In 2012, an attractive discotheque ”Top Hill„ was voted as the best night club in the world.

Top Hill Budva

Budva is a Mediterranean town, every inch of it. The streets are teeming with life, on the terraces, and beaches, and in the cafés, the people talk loudly and temperamentally.

Beach Richard's Head Budva

On their first visit, almost every foreigner is surprised by the huge number of cafes and their full terraces even during working hours, in May to August, as well as in January!

Winter day on the open terrace

Expensive cars are driven, designer clothes and shoes are worn, the latest mobile phones used. The people closely follow the fashion trends of Milan and London, leading the ”high life„

Fashion Days in Budva

All the latest world trends can be seen as early as the next day on the streets of Budva, Becici, and Sveti Stefan. This is true for cars, dresses, watches, cocktails, yachts, fashion styles…

Yachts in Budva

The Budva Riviera has been the venue of great pop and rock spectacles, such as concerts by Madonna and the Rolling Stones, major events of classical art, mass folk festivities and other parties.

Madonna's concert at Jaz beach

The calendar starts and ends on the same night, with the celebration of New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve in Budva

During the year, there are local theme parties, starting from the carnival processions marching through the Old Town with masks to the tasting of local specialities: mackerel, pasticada stew…

Fish festival in Budva