Subra Mountain Hiking

Subra hiking tour – From Sea to Summit

Experience a beautiful hiking tour in the hinterland of Herceg Novi to the summit of Subra, one of the Mediterranean’s most prominent peaks. This exceptional hiking tour is designed for enthusiasts seeking to conquer great heights, starting at sea level and ascends to the summit of Subra mountain within approximately six hours by foot or in the shorter version that we suggest below.

Herceg Novi

Ideal for individuals possessing advanced fitness levels and mountain hiking knowledge, participants will be challenged by the terrain while being rewarded with stunning natural beauty. The tour offers a rare opportunity to witness the striking contrast between the azure waters of the sea and craggy mountain landscapes.

Subra Hiking Tour

Subra is a gem within the Orjen massif, situated south of Veliki (Zubački) kabao peak. Despite its modest elevation compared to other giants in its range, Subra’s proximity to both sea and sky creates panoramic vistas encompassing east-west valleys as well as distinct geological formations like the renowned “Subra plateau” and “Subra amphitheater”. These features make it not only a destination for avid hikers but also for visitors drawn by its unique allure.

Subra plateau

This scenic hiking adventure starts at 1,004 meters above sea level from the macadam road Borići – Orjen Sedlo planinarski dom (mountain lodge). The trail is clearly marked for hikers and leads through challenging terrain including a poorly maintained macadam stretch leading up to the Vratlo pass. Upon reaching the pass located at 1,178 meters above sea level, it will take just over half-hour of hiking from the beginning of the trail. This hike includes winding serpentines towards its final segment.

Subra hiking trails

As hikers ascend and go beyond Vratlo pass’s elevation point, they’re rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views. These include vistas of their traversed path as well as sights of Subra peak’s grandeur and the expansive valley below stretching eastward. Additionally, there is a picturesque view of the nearby mountain lodge enhancing outdoor experience.

Subra beyond Vratlo pass’s elevation point

The mountain lodge “Za Vratlom” is a charming retreat built in 1962 and meticulously reconstructed in 2011. This well-maintained lodge boasts a stunning location amidst lush forest scenery with breathtaking views of Subra peak.

The mountain lodge “Za Vratlom”

Your adventure commences with a gentle descent into a capacious valley, followed by trekking along grassy-stony terrains bordering the valleys until reaching the base of Subra.

Subra hiking paths

With the summit constantly within sight, hikers can enjoy easy orientation enhanced by excellently marked trails.

Subra Mountain Summit

The route takes trekkers through notable landmarks such as Kamenska ravan and Duboki do, picturesque katuniste of Kameno village before before reaches the summer cottage of the Mandic family, which is located at the very foot of Subra.

Water on the path to Subra peak

A steeper ascent is a captivating trail experience starting from a hut, which immediately offers a challenging climb towards the summit.

Subra trekking trail

The journey begins by traversing through a sparse forest and shortly thereafter, hikers encounter a series of stone slab terraces, a unique and unusual environment characteristic of karst landscapes, offering alternating sequences of terrain.

Landscapes towards the top of Subra

This intriguing “game” of karst formations is particularly rare and enthralling, showcasing the distinctiveness of the Dinarides region.

Subra karst formations

The trail’s allure lies in these peculiar geological structures, making Subra a must-visit destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in such extraordinary surroundings.

Karst plateau on Subra Mountain

As adventurers progress along the path, they will be greeted by varying scenes within the karst relief landscapes.

Subra karst relief landscapes

One notable feature includes deep pits scattered across the terrain each presenting its own wonder and mystery. The deepest being Nikolina jama (Nikola’s pit) at 188 meters.

Subra - Nikola's pit

Beyond the stone terraces awaits another section of sparse forest. This contrasting return to wooded areas provides hikers with diverse ecological experiences as they continue their ascent.

Subra sparse forest

Near the path on that part, hikers will encounter Vilino guvno a traditionally significant plateau used for social gatherings and grain threshing, located on the left side. This stone feature boasts a flat elevation in the middle.

Subra - Vilino guvno

As hikers approach the summit via the final stretch of the trail, they will traverse through sections interspersed with grass and stone structures.

Approach the Subra summit

This part of the trail is considerably easier compared to the steeper stone terraces encountered earlier along their journey.

Subra summit

Upon reaching Subra’s top, visitors can indulge in expansive and unobstructed panoramic views due to its wide-open grass-covered topography free from large obstructions.

Peak of Subra

At the top is a pillar with directions for further movement, pile of stones as a symbol of the peak, registration book sheltered within a box and accompanied by a seal, inviting climbers to commemorate their ascent officially.

Pillar at the Subra peak

Enjoy breathtaking panoramic vistas. This exceptional vantage point offers a unique opportunity to gaze upon the stunning landscapes of Orjen, Reovačke grede, Veliko Ćedilo, and Prokletije.

Subra panoramic view

Immerse yourself in the majestic beauty of Lovćen, Rumija, and the serene Adriatic Sea.

View from Subra peak

The picturesque views extend to Vrbanj and the Herzegovina mountains, providing a diverse array of natural splendor. Whether seeking inspiration or tranquility, Subra provides a window to some of the most extraordinary sights nature has to offer.

Subra view of the surrounding mountains

Tour summary:

The start of the trail: From the macadam road Pod Vratlom 1.004 meters above sea level

Final destination: Subra peak 1.679 meters above sea level

Altitude difference: 675 m

Trail difficulty: Medium II

Track length: 5 km

Time required for the ascent: 3 h

Physical fitness: High

The most favorable period of the year for climbing: Summer and autumn

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