Crvena greda hiking tour

Crvena greda hiking tour

Momcilov Grad – Crvena greda – Jablan Lake

Crvena greda – the most beautiful Durmitor viewpoint

This hiking tour offering an amazing view on Savin kuk, Bandijerna, Medjed, Minin bogaz, Bobotov kuk, Bezimeni vrh, Planinica, Ljubišnja, Susica Canyon, Tara Canyon, Lakes Jablan, Zminje and Black, Zabljak town, etc.

Crvena Greda view

The trail begins from the local asphalt road Zabljak-Mala Crna Gora, in Bosaca, a couple of hundred meters below the restaurant “Momcilov Grad”.

Momcilov Grad Restaurant Durmitor

At the beginning, the trail goes slightly upward in the direction of Crvena Greda visible in the distance, along meadows and clearings, partly through a thin pine forest.

Crvena Greda Hiking Trail

This trail is quite picturesque with variety of forest fruits, mushrooms and medicinal plants along the way. If you are a mushroom hunter this is a good place to go.

Durmitor NP

In the last meadow, before the beginning of the ascent to the peak Crvena Greda, the trail separates into two parts – left downhill after walking for 20 minutes and descending for about 80 meters you will arrive to the Jablan lake or as locals call it Small Lake.

Jablan lake Durmitor NP

The hike itself just to the lakes isn’t difficult but you will continue to the right on a clearly visible path that leads to the top of Crvena greda if you’re wanting a more moderate and longer hike.

Hike to Crvena Greda Peak

Keep in mind that the stretch of the path from Jablan Lake and Crvena Greda is very challenging through rocky and exposed terrain. Yes, you’ll enjoy stunning views of the surrounding mountains along the way, including the towering Bobotov Kuk peak, but overal this part is tough.

Hiking to Crvena Greda Peak

It requires previous hiking experience  as this part of Durmitor National park can be slippery and dangerous in wet or snowy conditions as well as proper hiking gear, including sturdy shoes, a backpack, enough water and snacks.

After enjoying the wonderful view from the top, we will go down the same path to the fork on the right for Jablan lake.

Jablan or Small Lake Durmitor

Jablan Lake is one of the many lakes in Durmitor. It is located at 1791 m above sea level at the foot of Crvena greda in the northern part of Durmitor National Park. The Lake has a beautiful emerald color and it is small but deeper than many other lakes in Durmitor. The best time to visit it is in late spring, early summer as it gets full from all the winter snow.

Jablan Lake Durmitor

After a break on the shore of the lake, we return to the starting point.

Crvena Greda Trekking

Tour summary:

The start of the trail: 1.740 meters above sea level, from Bosaca

Final destination: The peak Crvena greda at 2.164 meters above sea level

Altitude difference: 424 m

Trail difficulty: Medium

Track length: 4 km

Tour duration: 6 h

Physical fitness: Medium.

The most favorable period of the year for climbing: spring and autumn

Picture gallery Crvena greda and Jablan jezero Hiking

Crvena Greda map

Momcilov Grad to Crvena Greda Hiking Map