Bjelasica – Crna Glava Hiking Tour

Bjelasica stands as a majestic mountain located in the heart of Montenegro. Spanning over a considerable area of 630 km², it is renowned for being one of the country’s most picturesque and verdant ranges. The mountain’s volcanic origin contributes to its unique geography, featuring rolling landscapes and smooth, grass-covered peaks which provide easy access to visitors. Unlike rugged mountains with sharp rocks, Bjelasica’s high points offer gentle terrains suitable for various outdoor activities.

Bjelasica Muntain

The region is rich in natural water sources including numerous springs and watercourses, adding to the lush biodiversity found within its wide and dense forests. Moreover, Bjelasica plays host to six remarkable lakes – Lake Biograd being the largest and most notable among them followed by Ursulovacko Lake, Pesica Lake, Sisko Lake, Malo Sisko Lake, and Malo Ursulovacko Lake. Each lake offers a stunning display of nature’s beauty.

Biogradsko Lake

With such affluent natural resources coupled with accessible terrains, Bjelasica has become a prime destination attracting mountaineers and nature enthusiasts from around the globe who seek to explore its many splendors, adventure and tranquility amidst nature’s grandeur.

Bjelasica Hiking Trails

Bjelasica is a mountain of notable circular configuration, measuring approximately 30 kilometers in diameter. This geographical structure features four distinct cornices or ridges extending in a northwest to southeast direction. Renowned for its accessibility, the mountain offers paths which lead even to its highest summits.

Bjelasica Mountain Montenegro

Visitors seeking breathtaking panoramic vistas can ascend peaks such as Crna glava standing at 2,139 meters, Zekova glava at 2,117 meters, and Troglava reaching 2,072 meters.

Troglava Peak Bjelasica

The landscape boasts six alluring lakes, each providing unique visual experiences and contributing to the beauty of Bjelasica’s natural scenery. Sightseers on Bjelasica’s elevated points can also catch sight of other significant mountains including Maja Jezerce peak in the Prokletije range at 2,694 meters high, Kom Kucki peak within the Komovi massif peaking at 2,487 meters, Bobotov Kuk peak part of Durmitor rising up to 2,523 meters along with various others.

View from Peak of Bjelasica Mountain

A network of hiking trails crisscrosses the terrain leading adventurers through routes designed to connect them with both these scenic lakes and majestic peaks embedded within Bjelasica’s landscape.

Bjelasica landscape

The Bjelasica Mountain Hiking offers a multifaceted experience within the breathtaking landscapes of Montenegro. It caters to nature enthusiasts and active explorers alike. As visitors traverse the scenic relief, they will be captivated by stunning vistas and untamed nature.

Bjelasica Mountain Hiking

Tailored for various preferences and fitness levels, this tour presents a spectrum of activities ranging from leisurely to strenuous hikes across Bjelasica mountain’s versatile terrain.

Hiking Bjelasica Mountain

A significant highlight of the tour is visiting traditional katuns – clusters of wooden huts that provide insight into historical lifestyles within the area.

Bjelasica Mountain Katun

Guests can expect warm hospitality characteristic of Montenegrin culture, including offerings such as rakija (a fruit brandy), locally-sourced cheese, nutritious soups, and homemade juices crafted from blueberries or raspberries freshly picked nearby. Both Montenegrin locals and international tourists find delight in these authentic experiences.

Homemade food on the Katun

Alternatively, guests who prefer a more relaxed pace and a less physically demanding experience without missing out on scenic views, there’s also the choice of taking a relaxed panoramic jeep ride across the mountainous terrain.

Bjelasica mountain 4X4 tours

Designed to cater to diverse preferences and abilities, this tour provides options ranging from panoramic jeep ride, leisurely strolls to more strenuous hikes.

Bjelasica hiking&trekking tours

A visit to the Bjelasica mountain usually starts from quaint town of Kolasin. Your adventure will lead you through the bustling Ski center and onwards to Vranjak katun, nestled amidst the verdant meadows of Bjelasica at a lofty altitude of 1800 meters.

Kolasin Ski center in Summer

The concept of katun – a summer pasture is deeply rooted in several centuries of Montenegrin highlander traditions. Serving as both a historical site and functional space, Katun Vranjak serves as a pivotal hub for numerous hiking trails crisscrossing the majestic Bjelasica mountain.

Katun - a summer pasture on Bjelasica mountain

It’s not only a starting point for exploration but also a haven where visitors can indulge in authentic Montenegrin cuisine amid rustic alpine ambiance.

Katun Vranjak - Bjelasia Mountain

Ascending further from Vranjak katun, paths wind towards notable peaks such as Troglava and Zekova glava the third highest peak on Bjelasica Mountain.

Zekova Glava Peak Bjelasica

On the top Zekova glava stands a transmitter belonging to the Radio Diffusion Center, marking its significance as both a natural wonder and a spot of modern relevance.

Zekova Glava Peak Bjelasica - Radio Diffusion Center

This grassy summit is a distinguished natural landmark reaching 2,117 meters above sea level and offers visitors a breathtaking scenic experience with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, particularly noteworthy is the picturesque sight of Pesica Lake situated just below the peak.

Pesica Lake Bjelasica

Accessible via a short walk from Zekova Glava’s summit, it serves as a perfect vantage point for nature enthusiasts.

Horses below Zekova Glava peak

Journeying back from Zekova Glava on the same path leads to a route heading towards Biograd Lake. This trail descends into the valley under the northern slopes of Troglava and Zekova glava and reveals one of Montenegro’s finest mountain springs – the source of the Biograd River.

Source of the Biograd River Bjelasica

After about 1.5 km you come to an intersection where the path to the ascent to Crna glava begins and when you get to the hill, you have an extraordinary view of Pesica Lake and Crna glava peak!

View of Pesica Lake and Crna glava peak

The path above the Pesica lake extends along grassy slopes and descends about 30 meters into the valley below Crna Glava peak, from where a fantastic view of Ursulovacko Lake opens up.

Ursulovacko Lake Bjelasica

From that place, with a slight ascent, along the left edge of the valley, in about ten minutes you will reach the summit ridge of Crna glava itself.

Crna Glava Hiking

All that remains is the final ascent on slightly more exposed terrain and you will soon reach the top.

Crna Glava Peak - Bjelasica Mountain

Crna Glava is the highest peak of the Bjelasica mountain. The top is grassy, spacious and safe with a registration box and an inscription on a larger stone “Crna glava 2,139 masl”. The peak is overgrown with pine around the perimeter, dark green in color, so because of that darkened appearance when viewed from a distance, it is called Crna Glava which mean Black Head.

Crna Glava - highest peak of the Bjelasica mountain

The final ascent is on slightly more difficult terrain, but it is a shorter, safe section. The views from the top of Crna glava are spectacular and you will be able to enjoy the view of Razvrsje, Ursulovacko lake, Strmenica, Strmni pad, Berane basin, Pesica lake, Zekova glava, the hill and the valley over which the path to the top passes.

View from Crna Glava Peak, Bjelasica Mountain

Bjelasica Mountain invites nature lovers for easy hikes and offers breath-taking views in exchange!

Bjelasica lakes

This idyllic mountain is the perfect destination promises gentle trails suitable for hikers of all levels. Visitors can expect to be rewarded with fresh mountain air and stunning panoramic views, making every step of their journey through nature’s beauty worthwhile. Whether looking for a leisurely walk or scenic vistas, Bjelasica Mountain delivers a fulfilling outdoor adventure.

Bjelasica Ski Resort

Tour summary:

The start of the trail: Forest road Vranjak – Biogradsko lake 1.905 meters above sea level

Final destination: Crna glava, the highest peak of Bjelasica mountain 2,139 meters above sea level, with a visit of Zekova Glava 2.117 meters above sea level

Altitude difference: 234 m + 30 m during the ascent and descent along the path

Trail difficulty: Easy III

Track length: 3,2 km

Tour duration: 3 h

Physical fitness: Low – medium

The most favorable period of the year for climbing: Summer and autumn

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Bjelasica map

Bjelasica hiking map