During the summer months, Montenegro provides a lively nightlife scene attracting most famous music names also and names renowned international DJs.

David Guetta in Budva

In Montenegro knows how to make some of the best parties in the region. It’s a combination that makes some of the most famous destination for nightlife in Europe.

Fireworks in Budva

Particularly famous are annual music festivals like: Sea Dance Festival and Exit, Refresh festival…which attract visitors from across the world.

Sea Dance Festival in Budva

Dance the night in open-air clubs and chic hangouts spread between Tivat, Kotor and Budva. The names of Montenegro’s best clubs and bars are known and outside of Montenegro.

Open Bars in Budva

The Top Hill is currently one of the most attractive discothèques by its contents, interior and capacity, which is confirmed by the fact that it was declared the best nightclub in the world in 2012, at the Grimaldi Forum.

Discoteque Top Hill Budva

It is located on the Toplis hill above Budva, which offers one of the most beautiful views of the Budva Riviera. It is easy to find – by the light beam that illuminates the Budva sky every night.

Top Hill in Budva

The discothèque accommodates around 5.000 people who can enjoy, every night, high-quality electronic music, a diverse programme and the attractive interior of the discothèque, including: à la carte restaurant, a vodka bar, a wine bar, a Cohiba bar, a Jacuzzi bar, and a hookah bar, a VIP area with the capacity of 600 people, as well as a large dance floor.

Top Hill disco Budva

There are few nightlife lovers who stayed in Budva and did not visit the Trocadero.

Discoteque Trocadero Budva

During the summer and New Year’s holiday, Trocadero is a meeting place of every-body who is looking for a good atmosphere, which is guaranteed at this discothèque thanks to its good sound system and lighting effects.

Budva Trocadero

Club Maximus in Old Town Kotor is one of the most attractive clubs in Montenegro, equipped with everything for good fun. With capacity for over 4,000 people this club regularly hosts big names and concerts.

Club Maximus Kotor

Open air bars in Old Town Budva – There is no better evening than you spent your time enjoying a drink with friends. With a multitude of bars, this is the perfect place to sip a cool cocktail after a pleasant day.

Open air bars in Old Town Budva