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Cross the paths that take you from the Adriatic Sea to the very top of the mountains, different and varied routes that will delight both beginners, on Black, Biogradsko or Hrid Lake, Lukavica Mountain and hinterland of coastal towns, and expert hikers in Pestingrad – panoramic peak overlooking the Bay of Kotor, Durmitor Ice Cave, Rumija or Orjen Mountains. And if you are a passionate climber, in the Durmitor National Park you will find Bobotov Kuk (2523 m) is the highest peak of the Durmitor mountain massif. It is also one of the 4 highest peaks in Montenegro, high massive rock that will make you live an unforgettable experience. The best five hiking spots in Montenegro are National Parks Durmitor, Prokletije and Lovcen, Bjelasica and Komovi Mountains. Some of them are covered with snow during the winter but fully accessible from late spring to early autumn.

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The highest and most interesting Montenegrin mountains belong to the Dinaric Alps. The Dinaric Alps or Dinarides is a mountain chain formed through an orogenic process in south-eastern Europe. This jagged mountain range stretches all the way from Slovenia, across Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia, to Kosovo and Albania.

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Mountaineering promotes a healthy, sporty lifestyle, active vacation, and digital detox. At the same time, it also fosters respect for nature, which offers us natural beauty and immeasurable benefits.

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Enjoying the mountains, fresh air, and untouched nature is not only physical activity but also a kind of escape from everyday life. It doesn’t matter whether we enjoy nature in company or alone, we are always with our thoughts there. That is extremely necessary for everyone, especially in these exceptionally challenging times.

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Taking into account the natural beauty of Montenegro and the untouched mountain slopes, as well as the benefits that fresh air has on the body and mental health, it is not surprising that many people choose previously unexplored destinations at high altitudes for vacation.

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Hiking is definitely the best way to get to know a new destination like Montenegro, especially if you have the opportunity to be surrounded by beautiful nature. Montenegro offers you countless opportunities to get in touch with its purest creation for everyone in love with hiking & outdoors.

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Montenegro is a hiker’s paradise! Come and feel the spirit of the Montenegrin mountains.

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Top Travel Tips Before You Go Hiking in Montenegrin Mountains

1. Plan ahead. Before you go hiking, save on your phone the exact routes where you plan to go, distances and difficulty level of the trails. Check the weather forecast for those specific areas and evaluate your physical abilities. Don’t be frivolous, underestimating the hikes and their difficulty levels.

2. Prepare for changing weather conditions. Yes, even in July and August. The weather in Montenegrin Mountains can be very changeable, even in the summer and early fall. So it is important to prepare for any conditions. Dress appropriately, choose proper hiking footwear and possibly layers if going to high peaks such as Bobotov Peak and Prutas. Also, don’t forger sun protection (as the sun is strong) and rain gear since summer rain in Montenegrin Mountains is common and can catch you unexpectedly.

3. Don’t forget about safety. When trekking in Montenegro, it is important to follow safety rules. Follow the directions of local rangers who recommend staying on the trails and don’t risk your life for a photo.

4. Respect nature. Montenegrin National parks are unique places that are under protection. Do not throw garbage, do not touch animals and vegetation, do not make fires in unintended places. 

With regard to wildlife, be especially aware of snakes hanging out in open sunny areas and stray dogs which you’ll be likely meet as there are plenty of them.

If you meet a stray dog, stay calm, they’re only rarely aggressive. Avoid eye contact, crouch down and let the dog come to you.

Don’t give dogs any food because they may follow you for long distances despite maybe belonging to someone. Once a dog with a home becomes lost after following a hiker with food, he will be homeless.

5. Take everything you need with you. In addition to clothes and hiking boots, take snacks and water, insect repellent and medical supplies. For long hikes, take light but nutritious foods such as nuts, dried fruits, energy bars, etc. Take enough water with you or a filter water bottle to be able to filter it from streams and rivers.

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