Kolasin is a prominent destination renowned for its scenic allure, encompassing majestic mountains, serene rivers, and picturesque lakes. Situated at the altitude of 950 meters above sea level, it boasts a strategic geographical and traffic location which has been instrumental to its reputation over several decades.

Kolasin center

While widely recognized as one of Montenegro’s key winter sports resorts, Kolasin also offers considerable appeal outside the ski season. The town provides visitors with ample reasons to stay and explore its charm during summer months when the landscape transitions from snow-clad slopes to lush greenery. Whether seeking adventure or tranquility away from bustling ski centers, Kolasin presents itself as a versatile year-round sanctuary.

Kolasin - park in front of Hotel Bianca

Kolasin is a picturesque town located in the northeast of Montenegro, nestled at the foothills of the Bjelasica and Sinjajevina mountains beside the Tara river. Positioned approximately 950 meters above sea level, Kolasin offers a refreshing retreat with its crisp mountain air and scenic trails, making it a favored destination for nature lovers during summer.

Kolasin hiking trails

An hour’s drive from Podgorica brings visitors into a significantly cooler climate compared to the city’s heat. The surrounding forests contribute to a soothing cool breeze, providing relief from summer’s peak temperatures.

Kolasin Montenegro

Winters here transform into snowy landscapes on nearby mountains, ideal for winter sports enthusiasts.

Kolasin snowboarding

Moreover, Kolasin serves as a natural air spa due to its clean atmosphere and tranquil environment. Its balance between accessibility and seclusion makes it both convenient for travelers seeking respite without straying too far off the beaten path. The mountain climate, altitude and clear air, with a healthy natural food, guarantee refreshments and recovery.

Kolasin - Natural Air Spa

Kolasin, originally founded by the Ottomans in 1651 as a military outpost, has a long history of being a battleground. It officially became a part of Montenegro in 1878, but during World War II, it was repeatedly occupied by Yugoslav partisans, Italians, and Germans. As a result, the majority of the town’s landmarks and monuments are dedicated to war history.

Kolasin monument

The Upper and Lower Square have always been the hub of social activity in Kolasin.

Kolasin Upper Square

The old Turkish town, which once stood around the Upper Square, no longer exists as the Montenegrin people chose to rebuild the town in a typical European style, leading to the destruction of all Turkish buildings.

Upper Square Kolasin

The only remaining structure from that time is the traditional Konoba Restaurant.

Kolasin - Traditional Konoba Restaurant

A large statue of Veljko Vlahovic, a national hero of World War II, stands in front of the restaurant.

Statue of Veljko Vlahovic in Kolasin

Lower Square a historically significant and architecturally unique area located in the heart of the city. At its core lies the Square of the Fallen Fighters (Trg Boraca) memorial space dedicated to Partisan soldiers who perished during World War II.

Kolasin - Square of the Fallen Fighters (Trg Boraca)

The square is characterized by its traditional mountain architecture, comprising primarily one-storied houses which add to the site’s charm and authenticity.

Kolasin Lower Square

Dominating the square is a prominent statue erected in 1949, crafted by sculptor Vojin Bakic. This piece serves as a poignant reminder of sacrifice and heroism.

Kolasin - Lower Square Statue

The square also features a well-maintained park embellished with a captivating fountain which adds to its serene ambiance.

Kolasin - Lower Square Park

The park’s design incorporates wooden surfaces made from repurposed old railway sleepers, contributing to the area’s warm and inviting atmosphere.

Kolasin wooden surfaces on Lower Square from repurposed old railway sleepers

Adjacent to Lower Square stands a remarkable “abstract” building hosting both Culture Centre and Town Hall functions.

Kolasin Culture Centre and Town Hall

Conceived by architect Marko Music in 1975, it represents another tribute of those who fell during World War II with its distinctive Brutalist architectural style. Despite showing signs of dilapidation, it remains a powerful example of communist-era monumental design.

Kolasin Culture Centre

The combination of historical significance and distinct architectural styles makes Centar not only a central point for communal activities but also reflects important periods in history through its structures and memorials. One of the monuments to the famous people of Kolasin is the memorial bust of Starac Milija, one of the most famous epic poets and the author of the poems Banovic Strahinja, Maksim Crnojevic’s Marriage, Leka Kapitan’s Sister… The memorial bust was placed in IV Proleterske Street, or the “Main” or “Siberian” street, it is the work of academic sculptor Miodrag Scepanovic.

Memorial bust to Starac Milija in

The Main Street, locally known as “Siberian Street”,epitomizes a picturesque blend of tradition and seasonal beauty.

Kolasin - Main Street, locally known as "Siberian Street,"

This charming street transforms in the summer months into a picturesque scene with linden trees lining the pathway, providing a natural shady canopy reminiscent of a tunnel.

Kolasin - Promenade Street

It’s the perfect spot for respite where visitors can relish in the tranquility while leisurely sipping coffee on one of the inviting terraces.

Cafes in the main Kolasin street

Despite its modest size and population of approximately 2,000 inhabitants, Kolasin bursts into life through its vibrant café culture which serves as a meeting place for tourists, skiers, mountaineers, and locals alike.

Kolasin vibrant café culture

The Main Street stands at the heart of it all – a place where varied preferences converge, from those seeking peace to thrill-seekers enchanted by adventure. It offers something special for every visitor regardless of age or interest – be it calm repose or pulsating excitement.

The Main Street Kolasin

Tango Camp in Kolasin is a summer festival celebrating the passion for Argentine tango amid the picturesque mountains. This 20-day extravaganza draws in nearly a thousand participants from 35 different countries, creating a diverse and vibrant atmosphere.

Tango Camp in Kolasin

Attendees have the opportunity to dance and learn from skilled instructors affiliated with the esteemed Tango Natural Institute. The event also encompasses various programs focused on mental and physical well-being, outdoor activities benefiting from the rejuvenating mountain air, and indulgence in delicious local cuisine.

Summer Tango Camp in Kolasin

Tango Camp is not just about mastering dance steps it’s a holistic experience designed for adventure-seekers, cultural enthusiasts, and tango lovers alike.

Tango lovers Kolasin

Kolasin stands as a sought-after destination for winter sports enthusiasts, nestled amid majestic ski resorts. This picturesque town is complemented by its proximity to two renowned ski centers, Kolasin 1450 and Kolasin 1600, both perched on the scenic slopes of Bjelasica Mountain and a mere 15-minute journey from the heart of Kolasin.

Kolasin great destination for winter sports

The area boasts over 45 kilometers of meticulously maintained ski trails with elevations ranging from 1,420 to 2,072 meters. These terrains cater to varying skill levels from novices to seasoned skiers, ensuring a fulfilling experience for all. The modern amenities at these centers include state-of-the-art cable cars and efficient ski lifts designed to enhance the skiing adventure.

Kolasin Ski Lift

Beyond skiing, visitors have ample opportunities to indulge in a diverse array of winter activities such as snowboarding and snowshoeing through serene landscapes, ice skating under clear skies, spirited sledding sessions with family or friends, and thrilling snowmobile rides across frosty terrains each offering a unique way to explore the snowy landscape.

Kolasin Ski Resort

With its comprehensive facilities and diverse offerings, Kolasin invites winter sports aficionados for unparalleled snowy escapades.

Ski center Kolasin

Visitors can explore the breathtaking trails with selection of walking tours designed to showcase the stunning landscapes and rugged terrains surrounding Kolasin.

Kolasin hiking trails

Whether opting for moderate strolls or seeking out ambitious hiking adventures, visitors have a plethora of routes at their disposal leading to enchanting destinations such as Sljivovica, Cirilovac, and Kljuc. At each turn, hikers will be greeted by scenic vistas at altitudes reaching up to 1973 meters above sea level.

Kolasin Hiking Adventures

These paths not only offer views of prominent peaks like Bjelasica, Prokletije, Komovi, and Sinjajevina but also reveal pristine mountain springs and diverse landscapes along the way. Enjoy the enchanting natural beauty of Kolasin with tailored tours designed to reveal the true essence of Montenegro’s wilderness.

Kolasin Hiking Paths

Furthermore, situated at 1018 meters above sea level is Montenegro’s unique botanical garden established in 1981 – a sanctuary preserving indigenous flora from local mountain regions including Bjelasica, Sinjajevina, Komovi, and Durmitor. This exclusive attraction adds educational value to every visit as it is the sole botanical collection in Montenegro dedicated exclusively to native mountain species. The Founder is Daniel Vincek, whose passion for the natural beauty of Kolasin inspired him to spend thirty years safeguarding the mountain flora of Montenegro. This living tribute houses over 400 plant species, including 120 endemic varieties, many of which possess medicinal properties. In recognition of his contributions, the Alchemilla vulgaris plant was aptly renamed Alchemilla Vinceki.

Botanical Garden Dulovine Kolasin

Visitors can enhance their experience by exploring Katun Vranjak, a settlement perched at 1800 meters above sea level which epitomizes a historical shepherd’s village where modernity seems halted.

Horses at Katun Vranjak near Kolasin

Guests seeking immersion in tradition can lodge within rustic wooden huts with access to organic fare sourced directly from local farm.

Kolasin - Rustic Wooden Huts at Katun Vranjak

Additionally, breathtaking panoramic views of adjacent mountains contribute greatly to what is undoubtedly both a cultural and natural haven.

Horse riding at Katun Vranjak nearKolasin

Embark on a thrilling Jeep Safari adventure and witness the breathtaking landscapes of Zekova Glava, Biogradska Gora National Park, and the Bjelasica mountain range.

Kolasin Jeep Safari

This tour offers a unique opportunity to access panoramic views usually reachable only by foot or 4×4 vehicles. Traverse rugged terrains comfortably in specialized jeeps as we guide you through some of Europe’s most pristine natural environments.

Kolasin Jeep Tours

Jeep safari is not just a journey but a complete experience for those seeking to fully immerse themselves in nature’s serenity while indulging in outdoor adventures.

Jeep tours in Kolasin

Discover Biogradska Gora, one of Europe’s last three remaining virgin forests situated near Kolasin at 1,094 meters above sea level.

Biogradska Gora

Explore the tranquil beauty of Biograd Lake nestled within the forest a perfect spot for walking, hiking, or simply unwinding in the fresh mountain air. This excursion is essential for any visit to Kolasin it’s crafted to create unforgettable memories and provide intimate encounters with Montenegro’s wild heartlands.

Lake Biograd

Kolasin is a captivating destination renowned for its harmonious combination of natural splendor, rich cultural heritage, and historical significance. This picturesque town is a perfect getaway for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the serenity of nature.

City center of Kolasin

With a selection of cozy hotels and exquisite dining options, Kolasin provides ample reasons for travelers to extend their stay while exploring the diverse landscapes of Montenegro. Visitors are encouraged to seize the chance to experience the allure and enchanting natural attractions surrounding Kolasin.

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