Pestingrad Hiking Tour

Pestingrad – Panoramic peak overlooking the Bay of Kotor

Pestingrad is a ridge of Djerinski vrh (1,098 meters above sea level) that rises vertically above the Bay of Kotor and the Old Town of Kotor. A beautiful panoramic view from this peak leaves no one indifferent.

Pestingrad Hiking Tour

Because of this position, it is an extraordinary viewpoint on: the peaks of Lovcen – Jezerski Peak and Stirovnik, Djerinski vrh, Velje Zalaze, Kotor, Tivat and Lustica bays, Lustica peninsula, the Tivat Airport, Vrmac Mountain with Ilija’s peak, the city of Kotor, Perast, Kotor serpentines, etc. Once you reach the peak, you can enjoy in the mesmerizing panorama and tranquility while being refreshed by the breeze that is almost constantly present here.

Lovćen – Jezerski vrh i Štirovnik

Pestingrad can be reached from several directions by marked trails including marked trails from Kotor and this way the altitude difference is about 1000 m.


Njegusi – Pestingrad is a very popular and relatively not hard route, and it is suitable for even people who have never hiked in the mountains before.

Njegusi – Pestingrad Hiking Route

The most available and simple hiking trip starts from the place called Knez Do. It is located right in the beginning of Njegusi village, usually people drive up to this point and start hiking from there.

Pestingrad hiking route

The route is considered quite easy. The reason for that is simple – elevation of the route from the starting point to Pestingrad is not so great. The trip from Njegusi to Pesingrad and back, with stops for making photos and rest takes from three to five hours.

Njegusi Village

The actual time depends on your speed and your desire and how much time you have available for the trip and for admiring the breathtaking views. We recommend not to rush it, it is an incredibly beautiful route. The panorama from the top of the peak is even more beautiful, which is the reason for the visits of numerous mountaineers, nature lovers and tourists.

Kotor Bay from Pestingrad

Tour summary:

The start of the trail: 1,024 meters above sea level, from the Krstac (Njegusi) – Velji Zalazi road.

Final destination: Pestingrad, peak 998 meters above sea level.

Altitude difference: – 26 m, the beginning of the trail is at a higher elevation than the top.

Trail difficulty: Easy III.

Track length: 6 km.

Tour duration: 6 h

Physical fitness: Low.

The most favorable period of the year for climbing: spring, autumn, winter.

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