Excursion Ostrog Monastery -The place where miracles happen. Monastery Ostrog a miracle build by nature and human interactions, carved almost in its entirety in a vertical mountain cliff, is today the pearl of Montenegrin spiritualism that is annually visited by more then a hundred thousand pilgrims from around the world and of all religions.

Monastero di Ostrog

After the Christ’s Tomb and the Holy Mount, the Ostrog Monastery is the third most visited holy place in the Christian world with its cave like chapel and monastery complex that preserves the sacrilege of Saint Basil the Orthodox Saint of Miracles.

Entrance to Upper Monastery of Ostrog

It is located about 50 kilometers from the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica and about 15 kilometer from the second largest town in Montenegro – Niksic. The monastery is under jurisdiction of Serbian Orthodox Church and is the most popular pilgrimage destination in Montenegro not only of the Orthodox believers but also of Catholics and Muslims. Fixed to a large rock of Ostrog hill, the Monastery gives an impressive effect to anyone who directs a look toward it.

Hill of Ostrog Monastery

The excursion Ostrog Monastery starting from your hotel and bus ride uphill to Cetinje. During this ride you will enjoy in the panoramic view of the Budva Riviera and its hinterland. You will have the opportunity to take photos during the photo break on the viewpoint located at the very top.

Brajici - Panorama of Budva

The road continues through Cetinje to Rijeka Crnojevica small town on Skadar Lake and one of the most beautiful sites of Montenegro, where we will have a break for coffee.

Rijeka Crnojevica - Skadar Lake

Continuing our excursion in Ostrog Monastery and our journey through the central area of Montenegro we pass Podgorica, Danilovgrad and from the main road towards Niksic we turn on the local road which provides a view of the monastery, fruitful Bjelopavlici plain and river Zeta.

Bjelopavlici plain view from Ostrog Monastery

Traveling to and from the monastery the rich Bjelopavlici plain greats the traveler, with one of the largest Montenegrin rivers – Zeta river which quietly flows through Bjelopavlici plain.

Bjelopavlici valley - Zeta River

The unusual tranquil feeling experienced through the plain is soon replaced by the holy peace of the Ostrog cliffs, that for many centuries preserve the myths, legends, miracles and stories of freedom of people large and small that have traveled to them.

Road to Ostrog Monastery

There are two parts to the monastery – the upper and lower monasteries. We reach in the Ostrog monastery on the parking of the Lower monastery, from where by local transport and through serpentines we reach the Upper Monastery. The upper monastery is a 3 km uphill from the Lower monastery.

Ostrog Monastery - Parking

Monastery Ostrog is situated 900 meters above sea level, carved high up in the cliffs, with easy access for visitors and an adventure one does not want to miss.

Monastery complex Ostrog

Through the centuries, in the Ostrog region, in these unbelievable and unreal natural landscapes of Montenegro, the country was conceived in periods of peace and thru periods of hoping for freedom. Poets, writers, statesman, as well as just regular folks traveled to see this mystic, unique part of Montenegro.

Ostrog Monastery

The Upper Ostrog is the most impressive part of the monastery. It has a belfry high as a five-storey building, and it is impressed in the cave palace of the majestic Ostrog – after whom it got its name.

The Belfry of Ostrog Monastery

It was established at the beginning of 17 th century by Archbishop Basil Jovanovic, later named St. Basil of Ostrog.

St. Basil of Ostrog

St Basil started with three caves in the rock face. He decided to build the Church of the Presentation in the first cave, a bedroom for guests in the second cave and a chapel which would house religious artefacts in the third cave.

Frescoes in Upper Monastery of Ostrog

The frescoes here were painted at the end of the 17th Century by the Serbian master artist Radul. The most impressive thing about these frescoes is that they had to be painted around the natural contours of the rock.

Frescoes in the rock - Ostrog Monastery

This is where St.Basil’s relics are. You can visit and offer a prayer to his relics.

The cave where St.Basil’s relics are

From Monastery balcony, you have a beautiful view to the surrounding environment and to a small fenced part below the Monastery, where was the tomb of St. Basil.

Beautiful view from Ostrog Monastery

At the exit from the right side there is a fountain with Holy water, which is believed to have some healing features.

Fountain in Ostrog Monastery

The Lower Monastery (Donji manastir) is 3 km below the main shrine and it is centres around the Church of the Holy Trinity with vivid frescoes (built in 1824).

Lower Monastery of Ostrog

This is also where most of the monastic residences are and the konak, where pilgrims can find a bunk for the night.

Lower Monastery Monastic Residences

Between the Upper and the Lower Monastery is located the Church of the Holy Martyr Stanko, built in 2003, in which are kept the hands of this saint.

Holy Martyr Stanko Church

Stanko Aleksic was a shepherd, whom the Turks had tortured and killed because he did not want to reveal the secret of where the relics of a St. Basil were removed. After opening his grave his hands were found preserved.

Holy Martyr Stanko

Even with its numerous pilgrims, tourists and souvenir stands, it’s a strangely affecting place.

Pilgrims in Ostrog Monastery

The monastery is so firmly entrenched in the country’s psyche that many Montenegrins – even non-believers – commonly «swear to Ostrog» («Ostroga mi…») when promising to do something or «Saint Basil help me» («Sveti Vasilije, pomozi») when they are looking for a way out of trouble.

Sveti Vasilije - Saint Basil

The Ostrog Monastery may not be considered solely a sacral facility, it is also a cultural and historic monument. It testifies on the passed, present and future times, testifies on the belief, culture and tradition of the people, who live in this area for centuries.

Painting in Ostrog Monastery

Excursion Ostrog Monastery and this destination which will take your breath away will fill your soul with elevated feelings of love toward God.

Entrance in Lower Monastery of Ostrog

Price: From 35,00 € per person

The price includes: Bus transport, local transport, guide, tourist taxes.

Program of excursion Ostrog Monastery

Ostrog Monastery Tour

Map of excursion Ostrog Monastery

Map of excursion Ostrog Monastery