Wine route – Wine cellar «Sipcanik»

One winery – whole terroir

Wine routes, most commonly, include paths and areas, culture and customs, wine and gastronomy in a specific wine region. It is a rarity, however, that entire area is experienced within only one winery, and this is exactly provided by special program of wine «WINE ROUTE», organized by winery «13.Jul – Plantaze» and Wine cellar «Sipcanik».

Wine route – Wine cellar Sipcanik

Who was the first to plant vine in the region of Montenegro? Ancient Greeks or Romans, Slavs, or perhaps the people who had lived here since the beginning and mixed with our Slavic ancestors in the sea of time? We may never discover the truth, and it may not be so important, because for thousands of years the vine has grown here and produced wine that tells the story of its homeland: «This is Montenegro. The Land of Wine».

Vineyards Plantaze Montenegro

For centuries has wine been the essential part of Montenegrin religion, culture and customs. Vineyards around Lake Skadar have been famous since the Roman period, and stories and legends about the grapes and wine from Crmnica originated very long time ago.

Vineyards around Lake Skadar

Montenegro is the birthplace of Vranac, black like the black horse of the same name – the metaphor of a strong, noble wine. Here is where Vranac started its long journey.

Plantaze Vineyards Montenegro

In the mid 19th century, young Montenegrin prince, Nikola Petrovic, raised and educated in Paris, the man ahead of his time, realized the enormous potential of this climate and the strength of local wine… and declared his royal wish: «Each soldier from the place where vine grows must plant 200 vines plants!» This was the beginning of new era for Montenegrin wine. And, as soon as 1907, Montenegrin Vranac won the first prize at the London Wine Fair.

Grape vine plants Plantaze

On thirty kilometers from the Adriatic Sea, near the Lake Skadar, the rows of the grapevine stretch almost immensely, covering 2,300 hectares and forming one of the largest and most beautiful vineyards in Europe – Cemovsko polje, which is owned by Plantaze in the exclusive domain of the Montenegrin autochthonous varieties of grapevine – Krstac and Vranac.

Vineyards Cemovsko polje Montenegro

This is the starting point of this Wine Route, which will through different thematic programs, through one authentic world of aromas and flavors of the Montenegrin area, featured by the sea, mountains, Lake Skadar, immense vineyards and landscapes painted by sun, water, stones and grapevine, producing authentic Montenegrin wines.

Montenegrin wine cellar Sipcanik

Wine cellar Sipcanik is situated in the centre of the vineyard. Before we enter «Sipcanik», you will have a chance to enjoy the view to the entire vineyard.

Wine cellar Sipcanik Podgorica

Wine cellar «Sipcanik» was an underground aircraft hangar of the Yugoslav Army until the 1990s. In 2007 it was reconstructed and converted into a wine cave by the Plantaze company.

Wine cellar Sipcanik ex underground aircraft hangar

It has a shape of tunnel, which is 356 m long. In these rooms covering 7000 square meters wine has been held and tended.

Wine cellar Sipcanik Montenegro

Experience the wonderful world of wine and gastronomy in unforgettable wine routes, choosing programs according to your own taste!

Price: from 18,00 € per person

Tasting room in wine cellar Sipcanik

Group visits can be organized for a minimum 10 people ( depends of the program).

Visits can be arranged from Monday – Friday, from 9h to 17h.

Our guests will be accompanied by professional promoter who speaks English. For the groups who don’t understand English it is
necessary to provide their interpreter.

Guests at the Wine Road are obliged to respect the rules of conduct in the wine cellar Sipcanik.

Wine route - Sipcanik wine cellar

Additional activities:

– The possibility of organizing a tourist train ride through the vineyard Cemovsko field with any of mentioned offers at a cost of 5,00 € per person. Train capacity: 36 seats

– One hour of recreational horse riding in the equestrian club «Vranac» (active riding for 60 min), with the  instructor. Price: 30,00 €

– Riding school in the equestrian club «Vranac» – 24 hours (the duration of one hour is 45 minutes of active riding), guided by an instructor.

Price: 240.00€

– Wedding photography in wine cellar Sipcanik or Ljeskopolje with a bottle of sparkling wine Montenegrin Val
Price: 50,00 €

Wine road train Plantaze

Select the program of wine tasting and dicover the authentic world of our autochtonous grape varieties! Transport and guide are not included in the price

Welcome to the Wine route

Wine route