Railway transport in Montenegro. The main railway destinations in Montenegro are the capital Podgorica and coastal city Bar.

Podgorica Train Station

The railway Bijelo Polje – Bar is the backbone of the Montenegrin railway system. It has features such as the Mala Rijeka viaduct (highest railway viaduct in the world) and the 6.2 km long Sozina tunnel.

Mala Rijeka Viaduct

The existing railways are 249 km long – the main railway transport line is Bar-Podgorica-Belgrade with branches towards Niksic and the other one towards Skadar (Albania).

Railway Line Beograd-Bar

Inter City (IC) trains connect Podgorica and Bar. Local trains serve the other stations.

Local train Podgorica-Bar

Montenegro only has a direct rail connection with neighboring country Serbia. In Serbia it runs from Subotica through Novi Sad and Belgrade.

Train Bar-Belgrade

In Montenegro the train goes through Bijelo Polje, Kolasin, Podgorica and ends in Bar. Reservations may be required for international and night trains.

Kolasin Railway station

From Belgrade travelers can take a day or night train to beautiful cities on the Adriatic coast, such as Bar (in Montenegro), covering one of the most interesting and picturesque routes through the mountains, traversing 276 tunnels and numerous bridges.

The railroad between Podgorica and Kolasin

If you prefer travelling by railway, it is useful to know that the main railway transport line is Bar-Podgorica-Belgrade with connections from Belgrade to the rest of Europe.

Railway Bridge on Skadar Lake

The capital city of Serbia – Belgrade (or Beograd), has regular and direct rail connections with capital cities in Central and Eastern Europe.

Belgrade Train Station

International passenger trains include a regular day and night train «Avala», which circulates on the route Belgrade – Budapest – Vienna, and offers customers, exiting in Budapest (Hungary) and Vienna (Austria), connections to the rest of Europe.

International train from Belgrade

There are also day and night trains running from Belgrade to Zurich (Switzerland), Munich (Germany), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Zagreb (Croatia), Moscow (Russia), Sofia (Bulgaria), Bucharest (Romania), Thessaloniki (Greece) and Prague (Czech Republic).

The train leaves the Belgrade railway station

A reservation may be required. During the summer season, the number of trains is increased according to the summer timetable.

Train Beograd-Zagreb-Zurich

The Railway Transport of Montenegro arranges timetable for every year separately.

The train crosses the Skadar Lake


Railways of Montenegro

Railway Transport of Montenegro AD Podgorica Montenegro

Information: + 382 20 441 003



Serbian Railways

Serbian Railways AD Belgrade Serbia

 Information: +381 11 360 28 99


Railway stations in Montenegro


Podgorica: + 382 20 441 209

Bar: + 382 30 301 619

Sutomore: + 382 30 301 692

Kolasin: + 382 20 441 492

Mojkovac: + 382 50 472 130

Bijelo Polje: + 382 50 478 560

Niksic: + 382 40 211 912

Railway bridge Mala Rijeka Montenegro