Excursion Piva Lake. According opinion of many tourists, northern region is the most attractive part of Montenegro. Exciting landscapes, beautiful lakes, spectacular view points, interesting history of this part of Montenegro will not leave you indifferent. Furthermore…just the drive itself is breathtaking.

Canyon of Piva River

We depart from your hotel and driving over Podgorica and Niksic to Pluzine small town situated on the shore of Piva lake. Situated in beautiful surroundings, with peaks of Durmitor, Volujak and Ledenica in the distance, Pluzine carries the title of the youngest town in the region. Beautiful nature and builders gave the town something special which remains in the memory of those who visit this town.

Pluzine - Northern Montenegro

After the building Mratinje Dam which was formed by construction of the Piva hydro-electric plant in 1975 (240 m high), the town was transferred uphill, while the previous location was flooded by newly created Piva Lake.

Hydropower Dam Piva

Region of Piva lies to the northwest of Montenegro near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Piva is first regional nature park in Montenegro, was declared on 22 April 2015, on the Earth Day.

Nature Park Piva

Nature park has international importance because it connects the National Park Sutjeska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and the National Park Durmitor. It occupies an area of almost 32,500 hectares.

Piva - Nature Park

Like several other areas in Montenegro, including the Durmitor National Park, Piva is characterized by it’s extreme, untouched natural beauty.

Region of Piva - Montenegro

The landscape near Piva is marked by dense stands of trees, and limestone plateaus cut by canyons formed by the Tara, Piva, Komarnica and Susica rivers, forming a system of rivers and deep canyons unlike any other in the world.

Piva Canyons

Many people say that Piva Canyon was even more beautiful, more attractive and more mysterious then the Tara canyon.

Canyon of Piva

The lowest point of the regional park Piva is at an altitude of 433 meters at Scepan polje (polje – field), at the confluence of the rivers Piva and Tara, which together on the border between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, create river Drina. This area is best known for the rafting on the river Tara.

Piva Nature Park - Rafting

Upon arrival in Pluzine, we will board a boat for a cruise on the lake Piva which is 45 kilometers long and up to 200 meters deep. The elevation is 675 m from the sea level, making it the most elevated artificial reservoir in the world.

Boat on Piva Lake

Cruise in Piva lake represents a real enjoyment and offers you relaxing, peaceful day on a lake, in natural environment, with beautiful views and calming fresh air.

Piva Lake Cruising

Piva lake offers everything you can expect from a cruise, and even more than that, its emerald – blue waters full of fish (trout and chub), a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. Sometimes there’s fish in such numbers that it seems like it can be caught by hand and that you don’t even need the equipment.

Piva Lake - Montenegro

Cruising by boat you will discover Piva Lake and a part of the Komarnica canyon. To take advantage of every moment in the right way we will take breaks for swimming, photography, fishing…

Lake of Piva

You will enjoy beautiful tourist destinations that can be reach only by boat, like Cave Otesa, Podvodje, island Gradac and many other beautiful spots of Piva lake.

Piva Lake Cave

Unusual beauty of Piva Lake will make this boat ride memorable. After the boat ride we will enjoy in lunch made of local specialties.

Lago di Piva

After lunch, we will visit Piva Monastery which once was at the source of the Piva River, but due to submersion and construction of hydro power plant it was relocated, which was a unique construction project of monastery displacement altogether with original frescoes.

Monastery of Piva

The project was very complex bearing in mind the fact that it is a monumental temple which was painted inside with 1.260 square meters of wall paintings of great value.

Frescoes in Piva Monastery

The Assumption Church was built thanks to the then Metropolitan Savatije Sokolovic from 1573 to1586 at the place of an older temple. Soon it became one of the most important centers of the spiritual arts and copying services.

Piva Monastery Icon

The interior is full with gilded iconostasis and woodcuts dating from 1638. It is characterized by proportionality, the luxury of carving, impressively painted icons of Longin and kir Cosmas. The church has decorative furniture of Notre Dame, Bishop’s desk and doors, made of ivory.

Piva Monastery Iconostasis

The monastery treasury is one of the richest in Montenegro and it consists of valuable collections of the manuscripts and early printed books in the Balkans (the only preserved Psalter from Obod Printing).

Piva Monastery - Monastery Treasury

So… Feel the spirit of Piva monastery and its history. Fill your cells with pure oxygen and your eyes with outstanding beauty that only nature knows how to create.

Piva River Canyon

Take a little water from the river which is determined to become lake – and there is a mystique of a marvellous nature which surround wonderful town Pluzine.

Region of Piva Lake

Price: From 55,00 € per person

Price includes: Bus transport, boat ride, guide, lunch, tourist tax.

Map of excursion Piva Lake

Exursion map Piva Lake