Prutas Hiking Tour

Prutas – A hiking tour which provides views of the most beautiful landscapes, a real hiking pleasure and experience!

Prutas peak Montenegro

Prutas is one of the peaks of Durmitor with perhaps the most beautiful view of Planinica, Bezimeni vrh, Bobotov kuk, Djevojka, Sarene pasove, Sedlena greda, a large part of Piva, villages Nedajno and Mala Crna Gora, Susica canyon.

Prutas Durmitor NP

This peak is placed in the western part of southern central Durmitor. On the north is Gruda (2302 m), from which it is separated by Ilin Do (2230 m) pass. Gruda and Prutas in way make southern end of the crest that makes western side of Susica river canyon.

Prutash Peak National Park Durmitor

Over the Ilin Do pass western approach from Todorov Do leads. On the northeast is amazing Skrka valley with its two extraordinary lakes – Veliko and Malo Skrcko Jezero (Big & Small Skrka Lake).

Big & Small Skrka Lake

In front of Prutas summit are placed main and highest crest of Durmitor called “Soa Nebeska” which means “Altar of the Sky”. This 2 kilometres long and about 800 m high rocky wall contain three peaks – Bezimeni Vrh (2487 m), Bobotov Kuk (2523 m) and Djevojka/Soa (2440 m).

Soa Nebeska Peak Montenegro

The trail starts from Sarban in Dobri dol, 1696 m.a.s.l., in about 1 hour and 15 minutes you reach the Skrcko zdrijelo pass 2114 meters above sea level, where the path continues upwards to the left while the path to Skrcka lakes descends.

Hiking Prutas Summit

We move along a grassy slope and the path is quite safe except for two shorter exposed parts, where you need to hold on with your hands. The top is spacious, grassy with a fantastic view.

Prutas hiking

Optionally, the descent to the viewpoint above the Skrcka lakes, which we highly recommend. Descent by the same route.


If you are visiting Durmitor – don’t miss a Prutas, the best viewpoint to biggest beauty of Durmitor.

hiking to prutas

Tour summary:

The start of the trail: Dobri do (Sharban) 1.696 meters above sea level

Final destination: Prutas, peak 2.393 meters above sea level

Altitude difference: 697 m

Trail difficulty: Medium

Track length: 10.07 km

Tour duration: 6 h

Physical fitness: High

The most favorable period of the year for climbing: in summer (there may be some snow even in this period of the year). Avoid rainy days with thunders.

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