Mountain Lukavica hiking trails

Lukavica is a plateau in north-east part of Niksic municipality. High mountains with peaks over 2,000 meters above sea level, fields, lakes, 365 springs, huge diversity of flora and fauna, incredible landscape made this locality one of the most important plant habitats in Europe.

Lukavica Montenegro

Legend says “How many days are in the year, there are so many springs in Lukavica”, so the two mountain lakes Kapetanovo and Manito are special jewels.

Mountain lakes Kapetanovo and Manito

National and local hiking trails and natural beauty are all great motives for visiting this area not only for domestic, but also for foreign tourists. On Lukavica, herders still herd their herds into their huts, so that at every step we can enjoy the play of horses and listen to the bleating of sheep.


Above the plateau of Lukavica there are Small and Big Zurim that are around one kilometer apart and make a peculiar gate between the first valley, rocky and harsh and the second one, completely different, green and gentle.

Plateau of Lukavica, Small and Big Zurim

Hiking at Kapetanovo Lake

Lukavica plateau and Kapetanovo jezero offer many hiking possibilities. From simple half day hikes, to ascending the highest peaks such as Veliki and Mali Zurim, to long distance hikes via Mrtvica canyon.

Kapetanovo jezero

Kapetanovo lake is situated at 1,684 meters elevation above sea level, north-east from Niksic at the border with Kolasin municipality. It is glacier lake, with a green clear water surface mirroring the surrounding rocks and tops. Additionally, the lake is full of fish. Considering its elevation this area is a unique health spa.

Kapetanovo lake Montenegro

Kapetan’s lake can be reached by car, while Manito’s lake only takes about 40 minutes of easy walking. It is possible (for the more prepared) to extend the tour to the top of Bodiguz and enjoy the beautiful view of Velje Duboko and the entrance to Mrtvica canyon.


Tour summary:

The start of the trail: 1,684 meters above sea level, from Kapetan’s Lake

Final destination: Bodiguz, peak 1,966 meters above sea level

Altitude difference: 282 m + 54 m (descending from Sipar on the pass to the valley near Manito Lake) + 64 m (descending from the pass after exiting Brnjik to the valley called Jezerina, next to Brnjik Lake and below the very top of Bodiguz)

Trail difficulty: Medium

Track length: 4 km

Time required for the ascent: 2 h

Physical fitness: Low-medium.

The most favorable period of the year for climbing: summer, autumn.

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