Grape brandy is the finest ambassador of the Montenegrin vineyards. The autochthonous Montenegrin variety called vranac is responsible for the unique grape aroma. The alcohol content of the brandy is 50 grades. One or two glasses a day are recommended to prevent different diseases. It goes best with prosciutto, dried meat and cheese. It is consumed as an appetizer, cold, and used for toasting (the word is zivjeli). It is produced in a traditional way, by distilling the grapes in wood burning copper containers.

Grape brandy


Just like the Médoc wine growing region in France, Crmnica, a region bordering on the Budva Riviera, is the Montenegrin birth place of the autochthonous grape varieties, vranac and krstac, and the long tradition of the distillation of premium wines and brandy. Vranac is a premium dry wine of a dark red ruby colour with purple nuances, a pleasant fruit aroma, full, temperamental and satisfying, with 12 percent of alcohol. Krstac is a premium white dry wine of controlled origin, exquisite fullness, harmoniously developed bouquet, and bright yellow colour. It has a fresh and pleasant taste, with 12.5 percent of alcohol. Seafood as well as all light food (pasta, white meats) is never completely satisfying without this great white wine.

Montenegrin wine


Mead was the national drink of the ancient Slavs. It is made through the fermentation of a natural honey solution, and the rest of the procedure is the same as in winemaking. It can be distilled into an alcoholic as well as a non-alcoholic drink. Most frequently, it can be found in bars in Njegusi and Cetinje. Mead is a drink that is considered to increase the red blood count, refresh the organism, improve the appetite, delay ageing, and is an aphrodisiac as well.

Montenegrin mead


Niksic beer is the favourite and best known national lager and has been manufactured since 1896. The main ingredients are barley, hard mountain water and aromatic hops. It is served cold at 5°C. Its quality is supreme, its taste specific, pleasantly bitter, which makes it pleasant to drink, and very thirst quenching. It has 11.8 percent of extract and 5 percent of alcohol.

Niksic beer